ALL our problems start in the mind!

Most of the time, we look outside ourselves for answers to our problems. That’s because we’re not taught to skillfully examine and understand the mind, which is where the problems start. As a result, we create stress, illness, and conflict. Let me teach you, your family or organization how to turn inward, where the fundamental solutions are found.

I offer mind-blowing programming that delivers transformative insights to help individuals, families, and organizations change and feel better. I’m also available for speaking engagements – including keynotes, corporate engagements, and community events.

“Dr. Pirtle taught me complete serenity and acceptance can be found inside myself through meditation. Learning to cultivate mindfulness increased my emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing and played an integral role in recovering from PTSD.”

Amanda Lindhout

Best-selling author, A House in the Sky

A donation-based mindfulness course for everyone.


I’ve taught thousands of people to meditate and feel better. Let me teach you too.

Dive deeper with extended retreats, in-depth classes, and more.

Is Your Story Making You Sick?

I am honored to share the documentary I produced, Is Your Story Making You Sick?, a film that illustrates the power of the mind-body connection and challenges viewers to consider how their fixations affect their emotions, health, and the health of their family, and the larger world in which we all live. Join me in this mission to raise our individual and collective awareness!