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Skillfully Aware is an easy, step-by-step, and effective mindfulness-based program for managing stress and stress related conditions.

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Skillfully Aware is a fascinating blend of health science and meditation techniques. It is designed for anyone suffering from stress, or a stress-related problem or illness. Repeating patterns of thought and behavior cause all types of stress-related conditions. For this reason, transforming the condition requires skillful analysis of the parts that make the pattern. That is why meditation and mindfulness are essential elements of any successful self-change practice.

Stree relief, change, and healing are just a click away.

What is Skillfully Aware?

Skillfully Aware blends science with spirituality to form a far-reaching self-care system. More than 25 years of study and clinical practice have gone into the development of this mindfulness-based programming. Skillfully Aware is taught in a variety of formats: audio meditation programs, group classes, online forum, corporate seminars, workshops, retreats and private sessions.

Skillfully Aware programming is based on three guiding principles:


First, the more you know about your condition, the better you will be able to manage it and therefore improve your outcome.


Second, it is your mind that creates your world, therefore, in order to consciously change, you must begin to understand, and train your mind.


Third, healing doesn’t just happen in your head, it happens in your heart and world too. By connecting with your heart you will connect in relationship with others, and your purpose. That’s when life truly gets better.

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Meditation and Mindfulness

Scientific studies prove that meditation and mindfulness training brings about many positive effects. These include amplified feelings of well-being, improved attention, enhanced proactive and prosocial behavior. Additionally, meditation and mindfulness have been shown to reduce both physical and mental pain, rumination, anxiety, depression, and emotional reactivity and compulsivity.

Attentional Fixation – The Cause of Stress

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Skillfully Aware Programming Helps!


Depression is a mood disorder characterized by the emotions of sadness, loss, anger, and or frustration. In addition, these negative emotions interfere with a person’s everyday life for a significant time. Meditation and mindfulness are proven to be particularly effective treatments for alleviating depressive symptoms and preventing relapse.


Addiction is an ongoing, compulsive dependence on a behavior or substance, which usually results in negative consequences for the addict. There are two types of addictions: substance and behavioral. Meditation and mindfulness lessen addictive tendencies by increasing self-regulation and decreasing negative emotions due to stress.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain results from an overly sensitive nervous system. Chronic pain may also lead to a mood disorder, like depression or anxiety. Addiction to pain medications is also commonplace. Patients who practice meditation and mindfulness report significant reductions in pain intensity, alleviation of the mood disorder, and reduction in opiate dependence.


Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a type of anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive, ongoing, and repetitious thoughts. Obsessive thoughts are followed by compulsive, sometimes highly ritualized behaviors. Meditation and mindfulness increase practitioner’s tolerance for distress by teaching participants to allow triggering thoughts and sensations to peak and pass.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is different than normal feelings of nervousness. Symptoms may include obsessive thoughts, panic, recurring nightmares, and physical symptoms like feeling sick to your stomach, heart pounding, startling easily, and muscle tension. Studies have shown mindfulness meditation can produce long-term beneficial effects for people suffering from anxiety.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders include food restriction, addictive overeating, and binging and purging. These patterns often arise due to unresolved emotional conflicts. People with eating disorders are overly influenced by triggers, beliefs, or emotions and lose awareness of normal eating cues. Meditation and mindfulness help to desensitize triggers, restructure beliefs, and stabilize emotions.


Trauma and/or PTSD result when an extremely disturbing event leads to long-lasting mental and emotional impairment. Upsetting, intrusive thoughts, recurring nightmares, the “blunting” of emotions, and often, marked shifts in personality typify both. Meditation and mindfulness help by facilitating post-traumatic growth, better coping and finally integration and transcendence of the trauma.


ADD and ADHD are characterized by wandering attention, impulsivity and in the latter case, hyperactivity. The problem is not an inability to pay attention, but an unconscious, wandering attention. The Skillfully Aware program helps by training participants to watch, guide, place, and hold their attention, which develops attentional stability—the ability to keep attention still.

If you don’t have any of the above conditions, good for you! If you’re here because you just want to learn to meditate and be happier, don’t worry; there is a program for you too.

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Effauses* of Healthful Change

Having faith in yourself leads to Inspiration, which in turn leads to the Investigation of new forms of Information (what you are doing now).

New ideas gained through your effort, then leads you to work on new practices. Effort and Practice then increase your Awareness of, and Composure during, stressful events, which lead to better outcomes and personal Insights, which lead to Change.

After all that, the cycle starts again, with Verified Faith. But because of the Verified Faith, the second time around you know that you are on the right track. This cyclic process shows you how you will change through the practice of meditation and mindfulness over time.

*The word Effauses symbolizes the two-way relationship between you and the events in your life; each makes the other. Also, Effauses implies that causes and effects are not separate things, but rather one unbroken stream—a movement of natural energy, flowing and flowing.

The Twilight Saga is about the dialectic between craving and restraint, or to use Dr. Pirtle’s words, attentional fixation and skillful awareness. The loss of self-control has become an endemic societal problem. I’m excited to work with Mark to create media that focus audiences’ attention on the detrimental influence of fixation and the healing potential of awareness.

Mark Morgan

Executive Producer of The Twilight Saga

Support For Life

Members Forum

When you purchase the Skillfully Aware program you gain lifetime access to the members only forum. This online forum is where you can ask questions, get support, interact with others, meditate with Dr. Pirtle, receive teachings and participate in retreats and more.

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Special WAVE Files

Some meditations in this program come in pairs. One of each pair, includes a WAVE background frequency to induce brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment (or synchronization), aims to cause one’s brainwave frequencies to fall in step with a periodic stimulus having a frequency corresponding to the intended brain-state. Entrainment is used, for example, to induce heightened states of concentration or sleep. This program uses Theta (for concentration) and Delta (for sleep) frequencies personally designed by expert sound engineer Stephane Pigeon.


The Most Comprehensive Self-Care Program on the Market Today

First of all, I want to say, ‘thank you’ for even considering living more happily and healthfully. I have seen firsthand how this program has helped thousands lead more fulfilling and joyous lives. Secondly, congratulations for having faith in yourself! This very moment, you have more power to help and heal yourself than you may know. In fact, you may have more power than any pills, surgery, or therapy. Chances are, if you are visiting this webpage, you are feeling like things could be better.

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Maybe you are having trouble sleeping, or you are coping with challenges related to stress, emotions, or urges. Maybe you are encountering difficulties at work and home. Perhaps you have even been diagnosed with a medical condition like insomnia, depression, chemical dependency, anxiety, chronic pain, OCD, or some other stress-related syndrome. If so, you are likely taking a prescription medication and or regularly hauling yourself off to see doctors in hopes of healing your problem. But here is what I have discovered in years of successful work with people just like you: the real cure isn’t in a pill or a procedure; it is within you!

You see, most of these problems occur because we’re constantly listening to what the outside world tells us what we should do. We work harder, do more, instead of listening to what our body’s inner rhythms tell us what we need to do. The noisy stress of everyday life drowns out the soft voice of our needy bodies—the need for rest, the need for peace, the need for nourishment. Then, we don’t care for ourselves, and it shows. Eventually, our body simply stops working well. Our minds race and turn negative. We can’t sleep; our stomach gets upset; we hurt, and lash out in anger. Fact is, the harmful effects of stress not only alter our health, they impact our personality and our relationships.

But by becoming skillfully aware through a daily mindfulness practice and meditation, you’ll start to listen more closely and carefully to your body—especially when you encounter stress. Then, stress won’t damage you anymore. You can overcome unhealthy urges, negative mood swings, pains, and insomnia—and you may be able to toss out those pills in favor of a healthier, happier, more aware you! You will start living a new life. Mastering this program starts with baby steps and having the faith and belief that you can get yourself to your goal. Mind training is a skill anyone can learn, and it will make you happier and, in turn, it will make our world a better, brighter place. Starting right now.

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1-Month Trial

Skillfully Aware is Dr. Pirtle’s most comprehensive program. It has been carefully designed to help anyone living with an illness or repeating emotional pattern related to stress. If you want to change or heal, this program can help. You will learn to meditate and work with triggers, thoughts, and sensations. Skillfully Aware is a progressive, 13-month meditation program. This program not only helps listeners relieve stress, it enables joy and peace to arise.

If you’re not sure this 13-month program will help, try out the first month. After signing up for the Trial, simply download the first month’s meditations (there are a total of six). Also, go ahead and download the helpful Get Started Guide. You will receive instructions for moving the audio files into iTunes, creating a playlist, and then syncing your computer with your smartphone or other MP4 playing device.

Registering for a 1-Month Trial will grant you access to:

  • Month one meditations (Three pairs of meditations with and without WAVE)
  • Get Started Guide and syncing instructions PDF’s
  • Access to the Trial member’s online forum

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