Mark Pirtle

This is who I am

What’s my super power? I’m an extremely well-informed generalist. I hold a 50,000 ft. holistic perspective of stress and illness that enables me to recognize patterns and connect dots that others miss. I employ healing resouces selected from today‚Äôs integral knowledge base spanning the domains of science, behavioral health, wellness, meditation, leadership, and spirituality. Let’s work together and apply some “vision-logic” to discover solutions that serve you, your family, business, or organization. Together, we can make things better.

Is Your Story Making You Sick?

I am honored to share the documentary I produced, Is Your Story Making You Sick?, a film that illustrates the power of the mind-body connection and challenges viewers to consider how their fixations affect their emotions, health, and the health of their family, and the larger world in which we all live. Join me in this mission to raise our individual and collective awareness!


Let’s find the solutions!

All Problems Start in the Mind

Mostly, we look outside ourselves for answers because we don’t understand our minds. Let me teach you, your family, or organization how to turn inward, where the fundamental solutions are found.

We can work together privately or I can deliver a life-changing message through a keynote address, corporate or community event, or transformative multi-day retreat.

Got something in mind? Let’s connect and make it happen!

“Dr. Pirtle led me back to myself, where I reclaimed my natural resilience and serenity. Mark played an integral role in my recovery from severe PTSD. I highly recommend him and his work.”

Amanda Lindhout

Author, A House in the Sky, New York Times Top Ten Bestseller since 2013


I’ve helped thousands of people feel better by becoming more SkillfullyAware. Let me teach you too.