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Mark Pirtle

Integral Therapist, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Filmmaker

Allow me to tell you a bit about myself.

I’m an extremely well-informed generalist who holds an integral view of stress and illness. That higher perspective enables me to connect dots, recognize patterns, and find solutions to difficult problems, both personal and professional. I employ a wide variety of healing a resources selected from today’s integral knowledge. Let’s work together and apply some “vision-logic” to discover solutions that serve you, your family, business, or organization. Together, we can make things better. Read more

“Dr. Pirtle led me back to myself, where I reclaimed my natural resilience and serenity. Mark played an integral role in my recovery from severe PTSD. I highly recommend him and his work.”
Amanda Lindhout
Author, A House in the Sky, New York Times Top Ten Bestseller since 2013

Is Your Story Making You Sick?

I am honored to share the documentary my wife, Lynda and I produced, Is Your Story Making You Sick? It’s a film that illustrates the power of the mind-body connection, and challenges viewers to consider how their mental fixations affect their emotions, health, and the health of their family, and the larger world in which we all live.

Join me in this mission to raise our individual and collective awareness! “Story” is showing all across the country on PBS. Check your local PBS station for the dates and times in your area. Watch the trailer below.



An intensive retreat will help reduce your stress and realign you with your values and purpose. The time you invest in self-development redounds to a future healthier, happier you. Learn more

Skillfully Aware

Skillfully Aware is based on three guiding principles. Learn more

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One-on-One Sessions

I help clients work through a range of issues related to stress. No matter your concern, I would welcome working with you too. Learn more

Leadership Journey

Over the past two decades I have taught hundreds of executives to better attune to themselves in ways that enhance their health, happiness, and strengthen their relationships. Learn more