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Inspiring a Grateful Heart

Remembering that gratefulness starts with us, Lynda and I want to express our deep and abiding thanks for the trust you’ve placed in us to …

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The End of Back Pain (As You Know It) eBook Coming Soon!

In the late 1990’s I started writing a book on the causes and remedies of a type of back pain that affects upwards of 80% …

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John Oliver Critisizes the Pharmaceutical Industry Over America’s Overwhelming Opioid Epidemic

Watch John Oliver deliver a harsh rebuke of the pharmaceutical industry for its dishonest marketing of opiate-based pain medications.

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Words Matter

What motivates me to write this blog today is the desire to hear from people who are earnestly trying to see themselves in others. I want to fill my consciousness with stories of people who are negotiating win-win agreements, reconciling long-held disputes for the greater good, cooperating in order to make a business or a relationship work out in a good way, or in any other way making this a more humane world. That goodness is happening right now too. It’s just drowned out by the vitriol. So, let me hear from the do-gooders today. It’s their positive politics that I want to energize.

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About HSP’s — Highly Sensitive People

High sensitivity can be a blessing or a curse. Because practically speaking, HSP’s feel more. So their emotions are not only more keen and profound, sometimes they’re more gripping.

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Doing Leads to Being

EVERYONE WANTS THE EFFECTS OF MEDITATION–increases in health and happiness. But less than one percent of people will do what it takes to achieve those positive results. People get so totally lost in the world that they won’t prioritize the one activity that will shift things for them.

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