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Big Time Drug Pushers

Hey all, Using his usual wit and satire, John Oliver exposes the disturbing conflict of interest created when pharmaceutical companies spend lots of money to …

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Dr. Mark Pirtle

Living the Golden Rule Starts with Empathy…

If we were to explore where empathy comes from, we would discover that it emerges from understanding; putting oneself in another’s shoes. I was not …

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Word Christmas Card 2012

A time to connect with kindness

The Pirtle-Martinez-Siek-Sobel-Stoll clan got together last night for the first of what may be many holiday gatherings over the next two weeks. As I was …

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Time Magazine Mindfulness

Everything is Workable

Hi all, I wanted to share an example of a back and forth Q&A between myself and a client with whom I’m working. He’s learning …

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Dr. Mark Pirtle

Being Present Makes You Happier

Check out this “being present makes you happy infographic” Hey all you Sierra Tucson Alumni, come join us for a mindfulness retreat at Ventana Canyon …

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Meditation Changes Everything

Meditation will change you, and eventually, change the world. I got support for this hypothesis from a dear friend, and super accomplished and successful business woman …

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