Meet Dr. Mark Pirtle

Dr. Mark Pirtle is among those at the forefront of integral thinking in recovery. He is a teacher, speaker, filmmaker, and true “innerpreneur.” His colleagues and business partners regard Pirtle as an extremely well-informed generalist—a holistically inclined pattern-recognizer¹—who connects the dots between science, spirituality, wellness, business, and culture. He sources his ideas from today’s integral knowledge base, searching for insights to help others change and heal. Mark applies systems thinking, or “vision-logic,” to every aspect of his work, from evaluating and producing innovative and relevant programming, to serving groups, individuals, and running and growing his business.

Mark completed his doctor of physical therapy degree (with distinction) from Northern Arizona University. In the first decade of his successful entrepreneurial career, he started a physical medicine and orthopedics education company. After selling OrthomEd in 2003, he completed his doctorate in physical therapy and became deeply interested in Buddhist psychology as it applies to healing stress-related illnesses. Mark has since practiced mindfulness meditation for well over a decade and spent months abroad in retreat in a Buddhist monastery.

Synthesizing the disciplines of neuroscience, living systems theory, and mindfulness meditation, he developed an evidence-based program called SkillfullyAware for people suffering from stress-related illnesses. This programming allowed him to develop the first ever pain program at Sierra Tucson, a world-renowned in-patient rehab hospital. Subsequently, he was asked to join the faculty of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine Fellowship Program.

Today, Dr. Pirtle contracts for both Sierra Tucson and Canyon Ranch Resort, where he delivers a weekly lecture, Skillfully Aware: Tools for Transformation. Dr. Pirtle speaks around the world on his clinical platform. He inspires clients and professionals alike with his unique and immediately applicable mind-body approaches to healing. Currently, he is producing, co-writing and directing a full-length documentary film titled: “Is Your Story Making You Sick?” The film is scheduled to release sometime in the fall of 2017.

¹Description borrowed from Carter Phipps February 16th, 2012 blog: In Defense of the Generalist

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