Pleased to Meet You

I completed my doctorate in physical therapy (with distinction) from Northern Arizona University. In the first decade of my entrepreneurial career, I started a physical medicine and orthopedics education company. After selling OrthomEd in 2003, I became deeply interested in Buddhist psychology as it applies to healing stress-related illnesses. Susequently, I’ve practiced mindfulness meditation for two decades and spent months abroad in retreat in a Buddhist monastery.

Synthesizing the disciplines of neuroscience, living systems theory, mindfulness meditation, positive psychology, and narrative medicine I developed an evidence-based program called SkillfullyAware®. SkillfullyAware was the educational foundation for the first ever pain program at Sierra Tucson, a world-renowned in-patient rehabilitation hospital. In 2008, I joined the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine Fellowship Program at the University of Arizona. I also created the Mindfully Overcoming Addictive Behaviors online class for

Today, I write, teach, and speak about stress and illness, and continue to work with clients privately. I offer a free 21-day meditation course, Tools for Transformation online class, a 13-month audio meditation training for stress relief, and host workshops and multi-day retreats. Two-time Emmy Award winning Director, Frances Causey, and I produced and co-wrote a full-length documentary film titled: “Is Your Story Making You Sick?” The companion book to the film will publish late 2020. For more information on me, my work, or the film please email