Is Your Story Making You Sick? 2 Free Talks by Dr. Mark Pirtle

Join Dr. Pirtle for a free talk at The Loft Cinema on either March 25th or April 8th!

The world is made of stories. Everyone “authors” a story in his or her head. That story is your perspective.

Stress distorts our stories and leads to more stress in a vicious cycle. Intense emotions not only feel horrible, they also disrupt your relationships.

They can even make you sick.

If you’re tired of struggling and are desperate for relief, join Dr. Mark Farris Pirtle—teacher, speaker, writer, and filmmaker—for a free talk. In this short lecture, Dr. Pirtle will teach you about three big ideas that will change your story—how you see yourself and your world. These ideas then, when acted upon, will transform your life for the better.

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