In-Home Recovery Assistance

Some people suffering from addiction face an intractable problem. They desperately need to re-establish or maintain sobriety but they can’t leave home to do it. For them, rehab is not an option. I can help you solve this dilemma.

Individualized home “retreats” focus on attunement skills, positive psychology, meditation, mindfulness, relapse prevention, and self-care management. I provide in-home support for periods of up to 28 days. I also place no restrictions on travel. I will meet you where you are.

You have a unique set of needs. I take particular care to design an optimal experience especially for you. I will also work with your medical team to develop a best-fit plan. To inquire about in-home recovery assistance, email me.

“Dr. Pirtle saved my life. We met Mark when my husband and I went to Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona. We were hoping a week away would help me get back on track. While there, we attended Mark’s Skillfully Aware lecture. His talk both inspired and scared me. He made it clear that it was possible for me to change and heal, but I also realized that seven days at Miraval was not going to do it. I was right. Shortly after we got home, I relapsed. That’s when my husband called Mark.

Dr. Pirtle worked with my doctors and us to form a plan. Once we were all comfortable with it, he flew out, and we started working together. He stayed in our guesthouse for two weeks.

Although I was the one displaying the symptoms, Dr. Pirtle helped us see that I was only one part of a larger “system problem.” His grounded explanations and encouragement led my husband to join us for much of the therapy. Mark helped us get past shame and blame and onto the same page. We learned that we both bore some responsibility for the unhealthy dynamic.

Dr. Pirtle taught me to meditate too. And, I do meditate on most days, but I’m much more mindful of my emotions every day. I have AA friends who say I’m not sober because I still have an occasional glass of wine. I think I’m more sober than I’ve ever been in my adult life. I’ve stopped drinking before, but until now, I’ve never stopped with the addictive thinking and behaviors–I still behaved like an addict even though I just wasn’t drinking. Now, however, I’m aware of all my addictive patterns. When they show up, and they still do occasionally, I work Mark’s Skillfully Aware mindful program. It works when you work it!

Dr. Pirtle also helped me understand my chronic pain and anxiety. He explained that both feed off each other. He said I have a “nervous” nervous system. The mindfulness techniques I learned are helping with these issues as well. I can tell I’m on the right track.

I’m writing this testimonial six months after working with Dr. Pirtle. I’m happy to report, and my husband and I still use the compassionate communication techniques we learned. Because we’re both managing our emotions better, we’re closer than ever before. That genuine connection means more to me than anything. I’m experiencing the positive feedback that Mark talks about. Because I feel love and connection again, I cope much better with my stress, which supports our connection. So far it keeps getting better. We talk things out and listen to each other. I feel heard and loved. What a gift!

I don’t know where I’d be now if Dr. Pirtle hadn’t come in and taught me these tools. Working with him in the privacy and comfort of my own home was absolutely the right choice for me. I’m so grateful.”


Inquire about booking an in-home retreat by filling out the form below. I will happily contact you shortly thereafter so we can begin planning our work together.

In-Home Recovery Assistance