I have witnessed many miraculous recoveries from some of the most intense and complex combinations of mental and physical conditions. Each person who healed committed to a journey of self-discovery. First and foremost, they had the faith to believe that healing was possible. From there, they sought out new ideas and healthful practices. Their increasing knowledge and self-awareness brought with it confidence, personal insight, and an increased capacity for distress tolerance. Learning not to fight, but rather embrace the fullness of life ultimately changed everything. In the end, participation in a daily self-care practice not only consolidated their healing but also resulted in a life more full of peace and joy.

That may sound too simplistic, but that’s how it works. Just as one can grow to become distressed, scared, addicted, or sensitive, changing one’s perspective, thinking, and behavior enables recovery of lost health and happiness. Suffering and ailments don’t come out of nowhere; they are caused. So too is does health and healing result from causes and conditions. Letting go of the former and cultivating the latter makes all the difference. It all comes down to actions: thoughts and behaviors. Change your actions and you change your experience.

I’m convinced that most people want to learn how to better help themselves. Bouncing around from one specialist to another is tiresome, especially if none takes the time to listen, connect, and teach you how to help yourself. It may be that all you get for your searching is a medicine cabinet full of pills—that’s not healing, it’s symptom management.

Stress-related patterns and illnesses are complex and hard to heal without expert guidance. So what do you do? Find a teacher! Find someone who will teach you about the physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, social, and spiritual dimensions of your problem so you come to understand your suffering, both its causes and its remedies.

I’ve been down the road on which you’re now traveling. If what you’re reading inspires you, I offer you my knowledge, experience, and compassion. I want you to be happy. If you decide to start down the path of self-change and healing, I’m here to help.

What is Skillfully Aware (PDF)

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Attentional Fixation – The Cause of Stress (PDF)

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Effauses of Healthful Change (PDF)

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