Private Individual & Group Retreats

Dr. Pirtle offers both private individual and group retreats. These retreats focus on positive psychology and meditation and mindfulness to reduce stress. Issues for which clients seek help can include the full range of stress-related illnesses as well as life transitions, relationship difficulties, grief & loss, and more.

A private individual retreat often lasts 3-7 days but can go longer depending on the specific needs and wants of the client. Typically, clients travel to Tucson, stay at a local resort and work with Dr. Pirtle from 3-5 hours per day. In special cases, Dr. Pirtle will travel to work with a client.

A private group retreat often takes place over a long weekend, but longer timeframes are also possible. Again, most private groups travel to Tucson and stay at a local resort. Private groups larger than eight participants receive a discount on their accommodations.

Every client and retreat is different. Special care is taken to design an optimal experience for each individual or group. Dr. Pirtle also works with a team of eminently skilled colleagues that can be engaged to provide the highest level of care.

To inquire about booking a private individual or group retreat, please fill out the form below. Dr. Pirtle will contact you shortly thereafter so you and he can begin planning your experience.

Private and Group Retreats

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