Individual and Group Retreats

Individual and Group Retreats

An intensive retreat can help reduce stress, improve health, and realign you with your values and purpose. The time you invest in self-development redounds to a future healthier, happier you.

Issues for which clients retreat with us include trauma resolution, to heal a stress-related illness, navigate a life transition, process grief and loss, or to complete a leadership journey.

My wife, Lynda, and I also offer group retreats. All group retreats are organized around particular themes, such as: Men and Women Only; Couples; Is Your Story Making You Sick?; Mindful Eating and Drinking; Overcoming Addictive Behaviors, Entheogenic Experience, etc. All group retreats are limited to eight participants.

Retreats typically last 3-7 days, but can go longer depending on your specific needs. We host all our group retreats at Hacienda Corona, just South of Tucson, AZ.

Every retreat is different. We take special care to design an optimal experience to meet your specific needs and goals. I also work with a team of eminently skilled colleagues to provide the highest possible level of care. To inquire about setting up a retreat, or a group retreat that is already on the calendar, email me.

Inquire about booking a retreat by filling out the form below. I will happily contact you shortly thereafter so we can begin planning your experience.

Private and Group Retreats

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“I met Mark during the darkest period in my life when I was recovering from a major ski accident, which led to an opioid addiction. I was very successful career wise, but my personal life was a wreck. I started working with Mark in 2015. We started with awareness practices to address back pain from the accident and the addiction. Recently, I participated in a 4-day men’s retreat that he led. Looking back, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. The biggest take-away was just learning the power of awareness and kindness. Both have really helped me come back, and become the best I person I can be to myself, my family, friends and peers. It’s been a long journey. No exaggeration, Mark helped to save my life.” GC

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More Testimonials

“I participated in one of Mark Pirtle’s 4-day retreats. It was transformative! Mark has a way of connecting with kind, successful people from all walks of life. We had a lot in common, but the main thing I experienced was we were all committed to self-improvement and healing. Mark is a skilled teacher who specializes in teaching his clients to turn inward, find their own path to healing. Mark’s kindness, skill, and wisdom put us at ease and allowed the group to gel. Through Mark’s leadership, the programming, and the support, we found the courage to push through discomfort and change and heal. I can’t overstate the positive impact a retreat with Dr. Pirtle will have on your life. Do it!” Alex Hsu, Investor, father, seeker