The Tools For Transformation (Pre-Recorded) Online Class: What You Get

A Study Guide comes with each module. Each Study Guide is beautifully designed and full of the latest science and practices on meditation and self-change.

Dozens of entertaining and professionally produced videos. Nearly 11 hours of programming spread over Six modules. Watch and learn how to change yourself!

Every module comes with additional PDFs to take you deeper—from skillful communication to identifying defenses to self-soothing breathing techniques and more.

Guided meditations that illuminate the basic Skillfully Aware method. These meditations help you practice with the confidence that you’re doing it right!

A student-only online forum where you can ask Dr. Pirtle questions and get the support you need to change and heal.

Tools for Transformation (Pre-Recorded) Online Class

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Stressed? Have an illness related to stress? If you want to feel better, you’re in the right place. Learn to practice meditation and mindfulness so you change and heal. Skillfully Aware: Tools for Transformation is an online class that teaches students how to successfully cope with stress and work towards greater health and happiness. You’ll become your own therapist, mastering everything you need to know about working with triggers, thoughts, and sensations. With practice, change and healing will come. Like hundreds of people did before you, take this class, and renew yourself!

$295.00 one-time enrollment fee for LIFETIME access to the online class and forum.


Stress-related patterns and illnesses are complicated and difficult to heal without expert guidance. With straightforward and professionally produced video’s, study guides and meditations, you’ll learn to meditate and be mindful so you can change and heal. You’ll learn the physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, social, and spiritual dimensions of your issues. Understanding the causes of your challenges and suffering will help you understand the remedies.

Tools for Transformation is a six-module online class, intended to take you approximately 6 to 8 weeks to work through. You’ll watch engaging videos, read through well-designed study guides, practice transformative meditations and participate in many other healthy activities. After taking this class, you will know how to use meditation and mindfulness therapeutically. You’ll cope better with stress and work your way towards greater health and happiness.

What You Get


11 hours of video programming spread over 6 modules. All professionally produced, engaging, and entertaining.


Each module is broken into manageable segments, designed to fit comfortably into your busy life.


Every module comes with additional PDFs to take you deeper—from skillful communication to identifying defenses to self-soothing breathing techniques and more.


A beautifully designed study guide comes with each module. Study guides contain in-depth information and personal stories, including the latest science and practices.


Guided meditations illuminate the basic Skillfully Aware stress relief method so you can feel better, and, know you’re doing it right!


MORE! Additional PDFs and videos will take you deeper–from skillful communication to identifying defenses to self-soothing breathing techniques and more.


Personal Access: Lastly, and very importantly, I come with the program. Purchasing the program gives you LIFETIME access to our student’s only online forum, where you can ask me anything about the class or your struggles; I’m here to help.

The Tools for Transformation is a revised, updated, and improved version of the program I created to start the first-ever Pain Program at Sierra Tucson, a world-renowned in-patient rehab hospital. Now, without leaving your home or spending many tens of thousands of dollars, you can experience all the benefits of this evidence-based program. And, in addition to the class, you receive my personal support. From the moment you start working through the modules, I’m available to answer questions and provide direct support through our online forum. You can do this! Let’s begin to live more healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives!

I’m eager to start working with you!

Dr. Mark Pirtle

Tools for Transformation (Pre-Recorded) Online Class FAQ

Q: Is this course for beginners?

Yes and no. We don't expect anyone to know anything about meditation or mindfulness when they start. Everything is introduced and explained as we go along. That said, even a reasonably experienced meditator will find the teachings and instruction helpful in terms of sharpening his or her meditation skills and more broadly understanding the mind-body connection and how to positively influence it.

Q: Do I have to attend the online class at a specific time?

No. Take the class on your own time and at your own pace. It will always be there for you. You can also retake it as many times as you like for free.

Q: How will I benefit?

You'll learn and practice both meditation and mindfulness therapeutically, which will help you work through stress and stress-related patterns and conditions. Scientific studies prove that meditation and mindfulness training brings about many positive effects. These include amplified feelings of wellbeing, improved attention, enhanced proactive and prosocial behavior (improved relationships). Additionally, meditation and mindfulness have been shown to reduce both physical and mental pain, rumination, anxiety, depression, and emotional reactivity and compulsivity. All of which leads to a greater appreciation and engagement with life. Please see the Testimonials.

Q: What transformation should I expect?

If you work through the program and do the practices, you WILL learn to monitor and modify where your attention goes, and upon what it fixates. This is vitally important because where attention goes, the brain grows, and from that, your patterns flow. You can expect to transform the stress-related patterns in your life by virtue of you skillfully changing the habits of your attention. That’s what being skillfully aware is all about.

Q: What is Skillfully Aware?

Being Skillfully Aware means you know how to monitor and modify all the habits of your attention. It means, through practice, that you will develop influence over where your attention goes, and what it fixates on. So, practically speaking, this means that you’ll stop being hijacked by cravings and aversions—stories in your head that cause emotions to amplify and make you feel bad, or worse, sick. Awareness then is the basis of your change and healing.

Q: What is included in the course? And, how does it work?

This online class is divided into six Modules, which includes nearly 11 hours of video programming. Each module is divided into a series of lessons that contain between 1 to 4 videos. Each lesson lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. There is also a Study Guide included with each module. The Study Guides vary in length from between 10 and 15 pages, and are integral to the lessons. Links and instructions are included that coordinate the video lectures with the respective sections of each Study Guide.

Additionally, you’ll be taught a progression of meditation practices from simple to more advanced. So, all you need to do is watch the videos, read the related portion of the study guides and do the suggested practices. If and when you do that, your life will begin to change for the better. Oh, and don’t forget to dialogue with Dr. Pirtle through the online forum when you have questions or need support! The best part of this course is that it comes with access to an expert on mind-body wellness. And, he wants you to be happy.

Q: How long does it take?

You can complete the course in as little as six weeks, but you can take longer if you want. There is no specific time limit for completion. Dr. Pirtle will, however, give you guidance on pacing as you go along. For him, it’s a middle-way thing. He suggests not rushing, but also not taking so much time that you lose the thread of what you’re learning and practicing.

Q: What technology do I need to follow the course?

All you’ll need is an Internet connection that enables you to stream the videos and download the study guides. You could connect using a PC, Mac or tablet device, such as an iPad. We do not recommend trying to take the course using a phone or e-reader.

Q: Do I need to install an app or any software on my computer?

No, it’s a web-based course requiring only a standard Internet connection with browser and the ability to download and view PDF files. If you can view this web site, you can take the course!

Q: Is it religious?

No, this course does not contain anything of a religious nature. You will however learn some Buddhist “psychology.” And, if you’re worried about that, don’t be. All that means is, you’ll learn some new ways to think about your thinking. That’s it. We will not ask you to accept anything except what you experience for yourself.

Q: Is it for everyone?

Yes, and you don't even need to feel stressed to benefit from this course. However, if you're suffering from a severe mood disorder, we recommend you remain in consultation with your doctor and/or psychologist while taking this course. Always stop, and consult with your doctor and/or psychologist if any of the meditation practices seem to worsen your symptoms.

Q: What if I simply don’t have the time?

At most, working through this course course requires only about 20 to 30 minutes - per sitting. That’s approximately equal to one episode of your favorite TV show. Isn't it worth finding a little time for something that could be so transformative?

Q: How do I continue practicing meditation and mindfulness after the course has finished?

Everyone is different; some people will find the meditation and mindfulness practices presented in this course sufficient for their desired level of practice. Others will want to go further. In that case, Dr. Pirtle offers a 13-month guided program, which builds on this course, and which, offers many additional advanced practices. The 13-month program also comes with its own online forum. Additionally, Dr. Pirtle’s meditation teacher, John Yates, PhD, published a book on the ten stages of meditation practice—The Mind Illuminated. After you finish this course, you’ll be able to read his incredibly encyclopedic reference text and work your way through it with confidence. The sky is the limit for those who want to reach that high.

Q: What if I have questions? Am I taking this class with other people?

You’ll be taking this class on your own, but, there is an online community where you can dialogue with Dr Pirtle and other members of the community. Use the forum, it’s a hugely beneficial aspect of this program.

Q: How much does it cost to complete the online course?

Only $295. If however, you take full advantage of the friends and family rebates, you can complete the course, including participating in the online forum, for only $95.

Q: How does the “Friends and Family Rebate Program” work?

After you purchase the online course for $295, AND, you refer one of your friends or family members who also purchases the course, you receive a $100 rebate—up to two maximum.

Here’s how it works: when a person you refer purchases the course for $295, and enters your email address in the “Additional Notes” section on the cart page, you receive a rebate. You will receive your rebate check within 30 to 60 days.

The Friends and Family Rebate Program also extends to and works the same way for each of your referrals as well. Please, if you have more questions about this program, inquire by emailing us here. We want to support you saving some money and spreading the goodness.

Q: What if I start the course and decide that it’s not for me?

You can start the course, and experience all of Module 1 for one week. If within that time you feel that it's not for you, merely cancel and your credit card will not be charged. Let it be known however, accessing any of the videos or downloading ANY of the PDFs from Modules 2 onward, during that first week, will nullify your refund. Also, any discounts you may have received are factored into the refund you receive.

Q: I want to teach mindfulness, is the course sufficient for this?

No, the online course is for learning and practicing meditation and mindfulness in your daily life. Mindfulness teaching institutions usually expect an applicant to have completed an 8-week MBCT or MBSR course in person, with a teacher. However, this online course is a great way to introduce yourself to meditation and mindfulness. It's easy-to-follow, and you can go at your own pace. It's a great way to learn the basics of meditation and mindfulness before progressing on to becoming a teacher.

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5 reviews for Tools for Transformation (Pre-Recorded) Online Class

  1. Avatar


    “When Dr. Mark Pirtle explained his theory of
    “attentional fixation” and “skillful awareness” to me,
    I was beyond excited. Not only because I experienced
    the healing effects of it personally, but also because
    I realized that he had discovered an absolutely
    revolutionary and original theory, one which I think
    will bring about a paradigm shift in the way our
    society views and thinks about psychology and
    recovery. His is a new and empowering recovery model that works!

    Suzanne Cleminshaw, Ph.D.
    Author of the widely reviewed and acclaimed novel,
    The Great Ideas, shortlisted for the Whitbread Award
    for best first author.

  2. Avatar


    One year ago, I had the great pleasure of hearing Dr Pirtle speak at
    Miraval ,which enticed me to take his 6 week Skillfully Aware
    classes. My son and husband also attended these, and each of us
    gained new insights into the power of meditation in managing our
    stressful lives. Since that time I have utilized his 13 month
    meditation program which helps me in my struggle to reclaim peace in
    my life. As an Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, I have
    recommended meditation to many patients, as it is a critical piece in
    managing stress related illnesses. For many patients, insomnia,
    palpitations, chronic pain, tension headaches and migraines, high
    blood pressure, eating disorders, etc can all be traced back to a
    hyper-aroused state of stress. Many of my friends who have
    utilized his programs are amazed at how much better they sleep at
    night even after the first session! I strongly recommend to my
    friends and my patients to consider taking his classes, or utilizing
    Dr Pirtle’s programs to improve one’s physical and mental health. It
    has made a huge difference in my health!

    Lorelei Kaczmarski RN, MS, ANP/GNP-BC
    ( Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner)

  3. Avatar


    I just finished taking Mark’s Skillfully Aware 6 Week Workshop, and feel that it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Mark went into great detail teaching about the workings of the human mind and specific exercises in how to become aware of and start to change our own thought patterns and therefore, behavior. He presented an almost overwhelming amount of information in such a scientifically detailed, yet thoroughly entertaining, patient, and compassionate way. We laughed, we cried, but mostly we learned. He is truly a gifted teacher.

    Although I had attempted to meditate for years, I never quite got the hang of it and would give up. Now I look forward to getting “my tush to the cush”, which has been life changing. Although the day to day realities and responsibilities of my life have not changed, my response to them is completely different. This class was a blessing in my life.

    Thank you, Mark


  4. Avatar


    “Ah………Midlife. Divorce, now grown kids, hormones, gravity, all that comes with the learning, and the changing spirit we have. Regardless of the joy, the happiness and positive outlook- within our journey those really annoying little voices tell you otherwise. For me, they were a guide to hurt, and take up space in our own minds to play out many different ways, but never to move forward, just to the side and the same recording over and over. For once, after Mark’s class, I am not at fault, and I can now challenge the voices to new tones, and new scripts, that I choose. Although the neutrons, and physical elements and science was specific and interesting, the more important part to me is to change my behaviors to make positive spins on the old ways. New doors are opening and now I have the tools to open them and see what may unfold in a positive way. Demons be gone!!
    This class will change you. It is not simple, it is not easy, but it is a new horizon that is now a focus for my future. Still seeing how this will unfold, but alas, the road is paved and has less pot holes than it ever has had.”
    F. Nowlin

  5. Avatar

    Klaire (verified owner)

    “When I took Mark’s class, I felt inspired. His teachings have positively affected me in my everyday life—I am able to see patterns in my thinking, which help me respond more thoughtfully, rather than acting out of habit. Mark’s empathy and understanding have allowed me to live more mindfully. I am grateful to him for expanding my emotional space, allowing me to live fully in the present, to accept the past, and to look forward to the future. And, the class was also lots of fun! We are all on this journey together. Thank you for an enriching experience, Mark. I enthusiastically recommend this class to anyone.” KP

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