Tools for Transformation LIVE Workshop: August 1st to September 12th 2017



A 6-Week Workshop for Overcoming Stress, Pain, Strong Emotions and Urges

You’ve heard the bad news: stress degrades both your mental and physical health. But, what you may not know is the cause of all stress-related illness is directly traceable to a mental state called “attentional fixation.” In simple terms, that’s when you’re stuck in your head.

Once triggered, fixated people often miss much of what’s going on in the present moment. They can lose track of their values, agreements, integrity, intentions and emotions, all of which can then worsen stress reactions. In the end, attentional fixation leads to unconscious, automatic and repetitious patterns of thinking and behavior. That’s why people stuck in patterns of fixation find it difficult, if not impossible, to change or heal.

The good news is that attentional fixation is just a mental state; it’s not who you are. And attentional fixation has specific causes. Remove the causes and it stops. Mindful awareness also has causes. With practice, you become more mindfully aware. Let go of the former and practice the latter, that’s how it works. Although you may relate to falling into fixation due to the stress in your life, that pattern can be broken!

Ten years ago, Dr. Pirtle created this programming while working at one of the most exclusive residential recovery centers in the world. Now, the same curriculum his clients spent tens of thousands of dollars to experience is available to you in this 6-week class.

Come join the SkillfullyAware Tools for Transformation class and learn a new and altogether healthier way to move through the world. Learning to mindfully observe your triggers, thoughts and sensations will make all the difference.


  • People seeking relief from stress-related or other illnesses (anxiety, addiction, sleep issues, depression, fibromyalgia and much more)
  • People going through difficult life challenges (divorce, loss, trauma and more)
  • People wanting more joy, self-love, strength, energy, focus and purpose in their lives
  • People seeking a more personal spiritual connection to themselves and others
  • Anyone wanting to learn to meditate or deepen their existing meditation practice

Since its development, the SkillfullyAware curriculum has helped thousands of people with stress and stress-related illnesses feel better. So if you have unmanaged stress, or an illness related to stress, this class will help!


  • 6 weekly two-hour in-person classes taught by Dr. Pirtle
  • Lifetime access to his online 6-module course—over 11 hours of professionally produced and edited video
  • Hardcopy and downloadable Study Guide full of teachings and practices comes with each module
  • Access to a 24/7/365 online forum where you can ask questions and get support from Dr. Pirtle and partake in the experience, strength and hope of others
  • Admission to bi-weekly “Office Hours” classes with Dr. Pirtle

The 6-week SkillfullyAware class is offered in a comfortable and discrete meditation-hall setting. What you learn and practice will give you insight into how your mind and body work together to produce and react to what happens around you. You’ll gain a better sense of your emotional states and learn to work through and influence your emotions and urges.


  • Know how to meditate—anyone can do it! You will also know how to use meditation and mindfulness therapeutically—so you feel better!
  • Gain proficiency with proven mindfulness techniques and virtues practices that fit seamlessly into and enhance every aspect of your life
  • Understand of the mind-body connection so you’ll start functioning like your own therapist. Meaning, you’ll get good at being good to yourself.
  • Understand how early childhood experiences cause you to think and act as an adult, and moreover, how to become aware of and change those long-held reactive patterns
  • Become more self-awareness so your communications and relations with others will definitely improve
  • Feel better with increased energy and passion, which can ignite a full-on pursuit of your life’s purpose. How great is that?

For more information, to register, or to hold your spot email us at, or call Lynda at 520-981-9911.

This 6-week SkillfullyAware class will meet once per week, on Tuesdays from 6PM to 8PM, starting August 1 and ending September 12, 2017. To allow students time to work with the material, the class will skip Tuesday, August 22.

Rooted Massage and Education Center
Education Room on the South side of the building
1600 N Tucson Boulevard, Suite 100, Tucson, AZ
Tucson, Arizona 85716

Registrations before July 15th, 2017: $495 (early-bird rate)
Registrations on or after July 16th, 2017: $595
The rate includes all workshop meetings and lifetime access to Dr. Mark Pirtle’s “Tools for Transformation” online class ($295 value). This online course prepares participants for the workshop and helps them maintain their gains afterward. The class also includes an online forum and live, bi-weekly, web-based, “office hours” student meetings.

Due to fixed costs associated with hosting this workshop, refunds will be issued in the form of credit toward any future event we host. Registrants who initiate a cancellation before 07/15 will receive full credit toward any of our future events.

Dr. Mark Pirtle

Mark Farris Pirtle, DPT, is a pioneer in integral thinking in stress relief and recovery. He is a clinician, author, public speaker, filmmaker, and true “innerpreneur.” Synthesizing the disciplines of living systems theory and mindfulness meditation, he developed an evidence-based program for people suffering from stress and stress-related conditions he calls Skillfully Aware®. This curriculum was used to establish the first ever pain program at Sierra Tucson, a world-renowned residential treatment hospital. Subsequently, he joined the faculty at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine Fellowship Program. He teaches meditation and mindfulness to empower his clients to work through stress-related patterns including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and more.

Dr. Pirtle recently completed filming the feature-length documentary film, Is Your Story Making You Sick? The film features 8 participants engaged in much the same programming presented at this workshop. “Story” will release in SUMMER 2017 at film festivals around the country.

Contact or call 520-981-9911 with questions!


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