Tools for Transformation: A Progressive Program for Stress Relief (Ryan Blair Private Group) Dec 9th – Jan 20th

$595.00 $495.00


A LIVE, Guided, Progressive, and Transformative Process for Overcoming Stress, Pain, Strong Emotions and Urges Led By An Expert in The Field of Recovery, Dr. Mark Farris Pirtle.

You’ve heard the bad news: stress degrades both your mental and physical health. But, what you may not know is the cause of all stress-related illness is directly traceable to a mental state called “attentional fixation.” In simple terms, that’s when you’re stuck in your head.

Once triggered, fixated people often miss much of what’s going on in the present moment. They can lose track of their thoughts, impulses, values, agreements, integrity, intentions, and emotions, all of which can then magnify stress reactions. In the end, attentional fixation leads to unconscious, automatic, and repetitious patterns of thinking and behavior. That’s why people stuck in patterns of fixation find it difficult, if not impossible, to change or heal.

The good news is that attentional fixation is just a mental state; it’s not who you are. Patterns of attentional fixation are often caused by past trauma. Skillful awareness is mindfully working with your patterns of reactivity when they get triggered in the present moment. Modifying those patterns while and practicing skillful awareness is how you eventually change and heal. It’s a process. If you’re a person who repeatedly falls into fixation due to stress in your life, don’t despair. Your pattern is breakable!

Dr. Pirtle is also well aware of the major obstacles to recovery. Most, if all his students wonder if they can stick with a program for the long-term. It’s for this reason Dr. Pirtle suggests registering with an “accountability partner.” An accountability partner is a friend who takes the class with you, so you can learn with and support each other. Dr. Pirtle encourages accountability partnerships by offering discounts to students who register together.

Dr. Pirtle developed this curriculum for one of the most exclusive residential recovery centers in the world. This same evidence-based curriculum that once cost his clients upwards of $65,000 is now available to you in this affordable 6-module class.

So join the SkillfullyAware Tools for Transformation class and learn a new and altogether healthier way to move through your life. Learning to skillfully observe your triggers, thoughts, and sensations makes all the difference.


  • Learn to identify the psychological perspective that locks you into stress and illness and how to grow beyond it
  • People seeking relief from stress-related conditions (anxiety, addiction, sleep issues, depression, fibromyalgia and much more).
  • People going through difficult life challenges (divorce, loss, trauma and more)
  • People wanting more joy, self-love, strength, energy, focus, and purpose in their lives
  • People seeking a more personal spiritual connection to themselves and others
  • Anyone wanting to learn to meditate or deepen their existing meditation practice

Since its development, the SkillfullyAware curriculum has helped thousands of people with stress and stress-related patterns feel better. So, if you have unmanaged stress or a condition related to stress, this class will help!


  • 6 weekly two-hour LIVE online webinar-style classes taught by Dr. Pirtle
  • A PDF Study Guide full of teachings and practices comes with each module
  • Access to a 24/7/365 online forum where you can ask questions and get support from Dr. Pirtle and partake in the experience, strength, and hope of others

The six-class SkillfullyAware program will give you insight into how your mind and body work together to “produce,” and then react, to what happens in and around you. As the lessons and practices give you a better sense of your emotional states, you’ll find yourself positively influencing how you show up in the world.


  • Know how to meditate—anyone can do it! You will also know how to use meditation and mindfulness therapeutically—so you feel better!
  • Gain proficiency with proven mindfulness techniques and virtues practices that fit seamlessly into and enhance every aspect of your life
  • Understand the mind-body connection so you’ll start functioning like your own therapist. Meaning, you’ll get good at being good to yourself.
  • Understand how early childhood experiences cause you to think and act as an adult, and moreover, how to become aware of and change those long-held reactive patterns
  • Become more self-aware so your communications and relationships with others improve, deepen and become more rewarding
  • Feel better, with increased energy and passion, which can ignite a full-on pursuit of your life’s purpose. How great is that?

For more information, to register, or to hold your spot email us at, or call Lynda at 520-981-9911.

Class 1 Saturday, December 9th 2pm Eastern,11am Pacific
Class 2 Saturday, January 16th 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific
Break Saturday, December 23rd
Class 3 Saturday, December 30th 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific
Class 4 Saturday, January 6th 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific
Class 5 Saturday, January 13th 1pm Eastern, 11am Pacific
Class 6 Saturday, January 20th 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific

Live, Online Video Webinar

Registrations made on or before December 7th, $495 (early-bird rate)
Registrations AFTER December 7th, $595

*Register with an “Accountability Partner” BEFORE December 9th receive an additional $50 discount. Use the following coupon code when you register: baf50.
*This class gets a sneak peek of Dr. Pirtle’s yet to be released documentary film Is Your Story Making You Sick?

Due to fixed costs associated with hosting this workshop, refunds are issued in the form of credit toward any future event or product.

Dr. Mark Pirtle

Mark Farris Pirtle, DPT, is a pioneer in integral thinking in stress relief and recovery. He is a clinician, author, public speaker, filmmaker, and true “innerpreneur.” Synthesizing the disciplines of living systems theory and mindfulness meditation, he developed a structured, progressive, and evidence-based program for people suffering from stress and stress-related conditions he calls Skillfully Aware®. This curriculum was used to establish the first ever pain program at Sierra Tucson, a world-renowned residential treatment hospital. Subsequently, he joined the faculty at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine Fellowship Program. He teaches meditation and mindfulness to empower his private clients to work through stress-related patterns including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and more. Dr. Pirtle is in private practice and hosts private retreats at Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona.

Dr. Pirtle recently completed filming the feature-length documentary film, Is Your Story Making You Sick? The film features 8 participants engaged in much the same programming presented at this workshop. “Story” world-premiere in Fall 2018. Private screenings can be arranged for after December 2017. This class will get to enjoy a sneak peek of the finished film!

Contact or call 520-795-3563 with questions!

15 reviews for Tools for Transformation: A Progressive Program for Stress Relief (Ryan Blair Private Group) Dec 9th – Jan 20th

  1. Gary Womack

    Hi Mark and Lynda, and All Others who may read this,

    I wanted to share an update with you, and maybe provide some encouragement to those working the program. Having taken the in-person TFT class twice in the past year now, I can certainly identify with how patterned my behavior was. I understand in much more depth how the patterns arose out of my own “complex system.” Yet, despite the truth that was obvious to me in your teachings, there was a strange resistance (an anxiety perhaps) associated with meditating and working the Prospective Memory and Book of Virtues exercises. I now understand that much of this resistance had to do with a lack of self-confidence.
    I continue to meditate now nearly daily, often 30 minutes a day. I have been using your Guided meditation program for continued encouragement and guidance, and as a periodic refresher on the material taught in the TFT class.
    Regarding the Prospective Memory Exercise, I have finally found this to start to come more naturally now. I find myself even taking a few moments shortly after a triggering event and creating an Intention for what I’d like to do differently in such an event next time. This is much different than ruminating on my unhealthy reactivity, replaying my negative behavior and thoughts in my mind over and over again, which actually did nothing except ensure I felt crappy about myself and actually led me to repeat the same unhealthy patterns the next time such an event occurred.
    I’m honestly still struggling with discipline on the Book of Virtues, but am again working on integrating it more consistently into my day. I think we all want to be kind. I think that starts with being kind to ourselves.
    It’s now like I can feel my brain and the greater space of my self “healing”, for a lack of a better word…
    For those struggling with discipline, I want to encourage you to keep at it. It likely took a while for unhealthy patterns to develop, and it thus may take a while, but with Intention to change the patterns, coupled with techniques and exercises to enable the change, you can become “unstuck” and feel better !

  2. Jim

    I purchased the 13 month course last March after hearing Dr. Pirtle give a short talk. I was instantly affected by the method he used and purchased the course right away.

    The positive affect on my life is nothing short of wonderful. I will never be the same…in a very positive way. I am a pilot, and my job specifically is not high stress, but the lifestyle that surrounds it is. It’s my responsibility to myself, my family and everyone else around me to manage stress appropriately and to stay healthy. A meditation practice is a big part of my life for that reason, but I am also very focused on my spiritual path and this work is deepening that pursuit in my life.

    I’m in my 40s now and the last 20+ years of my life I’ve spent pursuing my spiritual path externally. This program has shown me how to focus inside and finally connect with all that that is for me. It’s also helped me to finish the work I needed to do to leave my rough childhood behind me for good.

    Thank you. Your work has helped me, and in turn everyone around me…including my wife and young daughter.

  3. Andrew Bright

    this man’s teachings have kept me clean. With the diligence of mine in the meditation program taught at Sierra Tucson has changed my life for the better. Being skillfully aware of my surroundings and the “space” where I can go to when angry, stressed, or too worried about what people think of me. Going into my awareness gives me that moment where I can think clearly of my actions before I act out on impulse. I am grateful that I had to opportunity to meet and to be taught first hand by Doc Pirtle, and again I thank you.

  4. Suzanne

    “When Dr. Mark Pirtle explained his theory of
    “attentional fixation” and “skillful awareness” to me,
    I was beyond excited. Not only because I experienced
    the healing effects of it personally, but also because
    I realized that he had discovered an absolutely
    revolutionary and original theory, one which I think
    will bring about a paradigm shift in the way our
    society views and thinks about psychology and
    recovery. His is a new and empowering recovery model that works!

    Suzanne Cleminshaw, Ph.D.
    Author of the widely reviewed and acclaimed novel,
    The Great Ideas, shortlisted for the Whitbread Award
    for best first author.

  5. Lorelei

    One year ago, I had the great pleasure of hearing Dr Pirtle speak at
    Miraval ,which enticed me to take his 6 week Skillfully Aware
    classes. My son and husband also attended these, and each of us
    gained new insights into the power of meditation in managing our
    stressful lives. Since that time I have utilized his 13 month
    meditation program which helps me in my struggle to reclaim peace in
    my life. As an Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, I have
    recommended meditation to many patients, as it is a critical piece in
    managing stress related illnesses. For many patients, insomnia,
    palpitations, chronic pain, tension headaches and migraines, high
    blood pressure, eating disorders, etc can all be traced back to a
    hyper-aroused state of stress. Many of my friends who have
    utilized his programs are amazed at how much better they sleep at
    night even after the first session! I strongly recommend to my
    friends and my patients to consider taking his classes, or utilizing
    Dr Pirtle’s programs to improve one’s physical and mental health. It
    has made a huge difference in my health!

    Lorelei Kaczmarski RN, MS, ANP/GNP-BC
    ( Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner)

  6. Betsy

    I just finished taking Mark’s Skillfully Aware 6 Week Workshop, and feel that it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Mark went into great detail teaching about the workings of the human mind and specific exercises in how to become aware of and start to change our own thought patterns and therefore, behavior. He presented an almost overwhelming amount of information in such a scientifically detailed, yet thoroughly entertaining, patient, and compassionate way. We laughed, we cried, but mostly we learned. He is truly a gifted teacher.

    Although I had attempted to meditate for years, I never quite got the hang of it and would give up. Now I look forward to getting “my tush to the cush”, which has been life changing. Although the day to day realities and responsibilities of my life have not changed, my response to them is completely different. This class was a blessing in my life.

    Thank you, Mark


  7. Fran

    “Ah………Midlife. Divorce, now grown kids, hormones, gravity, all that comes with the learning, and the changing spirit we have. Regardless of the joy, the happiness and positive outlook- within our journey those really annoying little voices tell you otherwise. For me, they were a guide to hurt, and take up space in our own minds to play out many different ways, but never to move forward, just to the side and the same recording over and over. For once, after Mark’s class, I am not at fault, and I can now challenge the voices to new tones, and new scripts, that I choose. Although the neutrons, and physical elements and science was specific and interesting, the more important part to me is to change my behaviors to make positive spins on the old ways. New doors are opening and now I have the tools to open them and see what may unfold in a positive way. Demons be gone!!
    This class will change you. It is not simple, it is not easy, but it is a new horizon that is now a focus for my future. Still seeing how this will unfold, but alas, the road is paved and has less pot holes than it ever has had.”
    F. Nowlin

  8. Klaire

    “When I took Mark’s class, I felt inspired. His teachings have positively affected me in my everyday life—I am able to see patterns in my thinking, which help me respond more thoughtfully, rather than acting out of habit. Mark’s empathy and understanding have allowed me to live more mindfully. I am grateful to him for expanding my emotional space, allowing me to live fully in the present, to accept the past, and to look forward to the future. And, the class was also lots of fun! We are all on this journey together. Thank you for an enriching experience, Mark. I enthusiastically recommend this class to anyone.” KP

  9. Ena

    I am so impressed with my results from Dr. Pirtle’s Skillfully Aware meditation training program. I gained much more than achieving my initial goal, which was to alleviate my nervous system’s severe reaction to surgery that involved pain from moving nerves in my jaw. The daily simplicity of sitting and listening to Mark’s training slowly turned the tide for my nervous system. I feel better now.

    At first, I twitched, cried, wrote “to-do” items and sipped tea – and kept sitting and listening, following whatever other directions I could. But later, I developed a more stable attention, listening to his familiar, soothing voice directing my mind back. I started to feel a simple joy in sitting peacefully and “smiling inwardly and outwardly.” The benefits have been profound. I now enjoy meditating and see subtle and continuous improvements in my life, not just my pain. I highly recommend his program to anyone looking for physical, emotional or spiritual improvements in their life. Ena Pearl, Dr. Energy Medicine, NYC.

  10. wmarcusa

    I worked with Dr Pirtle at Sierra Tucson, and then purchased the Skillfully Aware program upon leaving. I will admit that at first, I didn’t stick to it consistently. But once I started using it daily, I noticed a huge difference in my ability to be able to recognize when I was fixating and how to shift my awareness away from those subjects. I now practice meditation daily, and I am able to be mindful throughout the day, and I feel much calmer and more at peace than I ever have. Many thanks to Dr Pirtle and the Skillfully Aware program.

  11. Michael Stevenson

    In 2013, I attended Mark’s Skillfully Aware course and purchased his guided meditation program. Over the course of a year, and not as fast as I should have, I practiced with the meditations and studied the manual. This program helped me understand what meditation is and why I should be doing it. Before the course I really had no idea. My pre-conceived notions about meditation were just plain wrong. The more I study and recall this material, the more I have a handle on happiness and controlling the stress in my life. When I’m out of practice and forget to call on what I’ve learned from Mark and friends who have completed his course, things get rough and stress creeps in to take over. Now that I see the patterns of good times and hard times, the ebb and flow of happiness, this material has completely reformed my personal theology. It’s all about doing no harm, even with your thoughts, and if you’re capable of it, doing some good — especially with your thoughts. If you want to be adored by your family, your coworkers, and strangers alike, practice goodness, even with your thoughts. This program will get you on the path to doing it.

  12. Jason Branch

    I purchased the guided skillfully aware program. I have a major shopping addiction, and tonight I saw my credit card bill, and a massive feeling of self hate, regret, disgust with myself, and despair overtook me. However, though it felt impossible at the time to sit and meditate, I put on my headphones and meditated listening to the guided meditation on strong emotions and urges. Towards the end, a feeling of beauty, joy, and contentment (not neglect of what must be done to help my situation, but just happy with the peace that the moment offered) and I want to thank you so much. I wish us all peace and joy without needing things to bring it, rather find it in our awareness and being. Love JB

  13. DS

    The last year of my life has been traumatic to say the least. I suffer from chronic pain, but even worse, now a broken heart. I have been listening to Mark’s guided meditations to keep up with my daily practice and to sooth both pain and emotional upset. His “Allow Yourself to Sleep” meditation itself was worth the money I spent on the package. I can’t say enough about how helpful these meditations have been. I highly recommend them.

  14. Oki

    Many of us may walk through life believing we are living the life given to us. As a crazy New Yorker, I was consumed by work, family and friends, daily tasks, stress, expectations, you name it. But one day someone told me that life is not that at all. I was invited to participate in these meditations with Dr. Pirtle and as a person that “thought” she was living a great life; I have now really found the truth of a great life. This program has truly been my first awakening and it has initiated a transformed in my life I am forever grateful.

  15. JM

    I’m a colleague of Dr. Pirtle’s. I wanted to share my personal experience of how Dr. Pirtle’s meditation program is helping many of our clients – this program has helped people struggling with pain, eating disorders, anxiety, sleep issues and more. I have heard, first hand, the positive, revelatory experiences of people using these meditations. I myself use them and benefit greatly.

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