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About Project SkillfullyAware

Project SkillfullyAware (PSA) consists of six pre-recorded 1-hour classes. The evidence-based information and practices in the class will undoubtedly help you grow and feel better. PSA provides a blend of easy-to-understand scientific and spiritual elements that are relatable to anyone. In the class, I will teach you about meditation, mindfulness, and attunement. It’s a complete mind-body education. Once you register, you’ll receive emails that provide you easy access to each class.

Who participates?

Anyone who wants to change or heal a repetitious pattern in their life. People with zero or lots of experience meditating benefit.

When is class?

You’ll get an email as soon as you register. Start right away! You’ll get emails for all the subsequent classes as well. 

What’s the cost?

We are committed to removing all financial barriers to anyone accessing this life-changing program, so PSA is donation based.

10% of all donations to Project SkilfullyAware benefit PATH

Your generous donation helps fund our nonprofit partner, PATH (Personal Accountability to Happiness), which brings ethics-based mindfulness programming to schools, families and children.

Dr. Mark Pirtle changes lives with his knowledge, compassion, experience, and gentle spirit.


Business consultant

I am now able to completely relax, calm my thoughts, manage my stress and reactivity much more effectively.


Former student

I wholeheartedly recommend SkillfullyAware to anyone interested in discovering a path to deeper levels of knowing oneself.


Documentary participant

About me

Hello, I’m Dr. Mark Pirtle. I’m an experienced meditator and therapist with an open heart. I’m inspired to teach you mindfulness-based attunement, so you can cut the root of your distress, change, and heal. Join me, enroll in Project SkillfullyAware so our combined efforts spread and amplify goodness, truth, and beauty in the world!