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Let's Get Started

I help clients work through a range of issues related to stress. These can include conditions like anxiety, addictions, depression, ADHD, trauma, PTSD, chronic pain, and more. But I also work with high funtioning executives who aspire to develop beyond entrenched patterns of thinking and behavior that hold them back. No matter your concern, I would welcome working with you too.

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"In December of 1995, while playing for the Chicago Bulls, I injured my back. The pain radiated into my leg. Dr. Pirtle was able to provide me with a clear and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Soon after I saw him I was playing again. Later that year, with time running out, I took a pass from Michael Jordon and hit the shot that won the 1996 NBA Championship."
Steve Kerr
Five-time NBA World Champion and Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors

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